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The Zach of Ages
16 June 1985
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Right, well then. While this whole biography/profile business rather makes some vague sense, I have a difficult time figuring out why I need to write about myself on here, if my journal is one click away.

To those ends- Hi. I'm Zach. Most of you likely know me. Some of you likely don't. Many of you probably know me pretty well. A few of you know me too well. Several of you I wish didn't know me at all.

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User Number: 1942245
Date Created:01-19-2004
Number of Posts: 185

Zach is a jack-of-all-trades and master of a couple. He enjoys juggling bowling balls, chasing clouds, and tilting at windmills.
Strengths: Friendly, quick with a gun, good grammar, wicked slapshot, razor-sharp wit.
Weaknesses: Lousy backhand, weak-willed around attractive women, expensive tastes in guns, cars, and clothes.
Special Skills: Cabbage-shooting, trick Zippo-lighting, smoke ring blowing, wicked good text messaging skills.
Weapons: Mod. 1895 .405 Winchester, .45 ACP Firestar, razor-sharp wit, CCM V-120 composite hockey stick, plastic spoons.
Pet Peeves: Liberals, stodgy Conservatives, Fascists, cyclists, hybrid-car drivers, people who think cigars stink, guys wearing pink.

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